Making peace with the camera. 

Getting my pictures taken, is one of an important therapy for me. I used to hate the camera so much, because it always pointed out my flaws.
Chubby cheeks, dark skins, big thighs, the flabby mommy tummy, and the list goes on and on. Every time I look at my pictures, I’m getting more and more disappointed about myself. And the people on the internet can be REALLY JUDGMENTAL AND RUDE. 

One day, I read one of the comments on @ernestprakasa’s IG saying: “Orang cakep belum tentu istrinya cantik.” 😞😞😞 And I went like: Omygod that’s harsh! And really inconsiderate. But hey, that’s the thing about internet and social media. People can say anything bad to anyone they want and won’t feel sorry, because they are unreachable. Social media can bring the best of people, but also can point out the worst in some people too. 

That’s why I’d like to give a nobel prize for anyone who came up with “BLOCK BUTTON”. ✊✊✊✊ 

Anyhoooo.. I should really thank that guy/girl who had written a harsh comment on my picture with Ernest. You have made me believe that I can be better and stronger. 💪😎👊 And I’m pretty sure that you have a pretty miserable life!!! Because your comment made you looked like a sad and lonely person! BURNNNN!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#MamakKZL 😜 

So, I’m trying not to hate the camera so much, because it’s only a tool. The camera doesn’t define YOU. The people on the internet don’t define YOU. Only YOU can define yourself, meaning only YOU is responsible for your HAPPINESS. The end. 💜  


7 thoughts on “Making peace with the camera. 

  1. Lana says:

    Dear Meira..I always love reading your blog… just like this one, Well, we cannot please everyone. So..what the heck with what they told you – I mean about the harsh thing. My experience is similar with yours. I used to be slim, so at that time I always felt confident when someone took my picture. Then after I got married 5 6 years ago, I gained weight because I ate a lot and I stop doing exercises – chubby cheek, big tummy, double neck, not to mention the big thigh and butt. However, the comments that went to me were not as harsh as yours. They just said,”Oh are way too fat..are you pregnant?” or “ are getting bigger..” At first, I just smiled and said,”Yes, I getting fatter, no, I’m not pregnant.” Then I improved my answer, “Yeah…I am like this because I am so happy..” Hahahah… I strongly agree with your opinion that the people don’t define us. Only us can define ourselves, meaning only us is responsible for our HAPPINESS. Now, I put my effort to get slimmer, but not because of their comments, but more on the health and I want to take a picture wearing ‘kebaya’ hahahaha…^_^

    • Dear Lana, I’m so glad that you share your story, somehow made me feel like I’m not alone :)) Yes people can be harsh sometimes. But there’s nothing that a BLOCK button can’t fixed 😜 HIDUP TOMBOL BLOCK! Hahahahaha.. I hope you’re much happier with yourself now.. Cheers to life! 🙂

  2. LinRos says:

    Ka Meiraa kerennn..
    Bener bgt kata pepatah dibalik suami hebat pasti ada istri yg jauh lebih hebat. And its yours ka Meiraa
    Suka bgt baca blognya,
    keep writting yah Ka 🙂

  3. Ferlita says:

    Hai Meira salam kenal 😃
    saya nge-fans ma Ernest n udah nonton ngenest di mlm taun baru, jujur pas liat kamu tuh saya langsung …ya ampunnn sukaa ma gaya kamu yg asik n langsung terpikir “pantess si kokoh ernest orgnya asikkk wong istrinya keren gini..”
    asli ga naksir kamu ya muji gini😂😂
    Oiya pas di SUCA 1 di Indosiar Ernest di stage crita ttg proses kelahirannya Sky yg asli bikin ngakakkkk bgtttt 😃😄 n crita ttg Snow yg pamit mau main ke rmh tmnnya pamit nya blg Assalamualaikum Hahhahaa..

    kyknya klo di sosmed tuh org asik aja ngmg seenak udel mreka.. tp emg kita ga bs apa2 slain narik nafas panjang.. yg waras ngalaahh😂😂
    semangat terus ya Mei💪💪💪

    • Thank you Ferlitaaa.. Iya, udh mulai kebal sih skrg, awal2 sempet kepikiran mulu. Tapi yaudahlah, itu hak mereka, yg penting bisa di BLOCK! 😜😜😜 Thanks yaaa

  4. Rini Purwayani says:

    Trust me Meira.. saya juga mengalami hal yang sama. Bertahun2 kepikiran, akhirny lebih kepikiran dan berat badan tambah naik, karena bukan cuma orang luar yang ngomong gt, tp justru dari “orang dalem”. Makin kacau hati ini.. hehe.. but 11th berlalu, seumur pernikahan, udh kebal… hehhe.. semangat kakak!!
    Film CTS nya gokil abiss…

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