Engkau kuat, Ibu. 

Ibu, Engkau kuat. 

Engkau menyediakan rahimmu selama sembilan bulan, untuk menjadi rumah bagi janinmu. 

Engkau menyediakan tenaga dan air mata, untuk mengeluarkan mereka dari tubuhmu. 

Engkau menyediakan keringat dan kesabaran, untuk menjaga bayimu. 

Engkau menyediakan pelukan, untuk meredakan tangisan anakmu. 

Engkau menyediakan segenap hidup, untuk keluarga yang membutuhkanmu. 

Ibu, Engkau adalah jangkar yang membuat perahu keluargamu tetap kuat dan terjaga. 

Selamat hari Ibu, untukmu. 


Current mantra.

People can call you names. 

But you can call yourself: PERFECT. 

Don’t let them get to you. 





Sports changed my life. 

I started this #HomeWorkout frenzy almost 7 months ago. The early hashtag was: #MamakPengenKurus. Yes. All I want, was to be skinny. To have a skinnier thighs, butt, tummy, you name it! 😜 But then, I have found something else while doing these exercises regularly. I feel stronger, I love myself more, and I become more confident. Oh yes, I have a serious confidence issue. 🙈🙈🙈 I feel that doing sports has helped me to feel better about myself. And I begin to have more faith in myself that I can push myself to the limit, and I can be unstopable! 😎👊💥 Well, maybe that’s too much 😜 But the point is, just look for something that can transform you into a better person. For me, it’s sport! Without a doubt. I’m a changed person and I’m still learning to be a better one, every single day. I believe that everybody has their own struggle, whether we can see it or not. And I believe that everybody has their own way to be better. Sometimes you just have to listen to yourself. ✨✨✨✨✨



Dear Ernest, we know that you’ve been very busy with work lately. When you feel tired or stressed out, just remember the three of us have lots and lots of love for you. If you want to collect them, just hug us, or call us, or just think about us and we’ll be there in your heart. Thank you for doing all of this for us. You are the best husband and dad we will ever have. Never fear, we will always be right here.


Mei, Sky, and Snow. 👩🏻👧🏻👶🏻 


Be brave like the waves.

They will stop at nothing. 🌊 

They know exactly where they’re going. 🌊 

They see a big rock ahead, but they move forward and never looked back. 🌊 

They don’t stop and feel the pain. 🌊 

They move on, and try again. 🌊 

I dare you, to be brave like the waves. 🌊 


Making peace with the camera. 

Getting my pictures taken, is one of an important therapy for me. I used to hate the camera so much, because it always pointed out my flaws.
Chubby cheeks, dark skins, big thighs, the flabby mommy tummy, and the list goes on and on. Every time I look at my pictures, I’m getting more and more disappointed about myself. And the people on the internet can be REALLY JUDGMENTAL AND RUDE. 

One day, I read one of the comments on @ernestprakasa’s IG saying: “Orang cakep belum tentu istrinya cantik.” 😞😞😞 And I went like: Omygod that’s harsh! And really inconsiderate. But hey, that’s the thing about internet and social media. People can say anything bad to anyone they want and won’t feel sorry, because they are unreachable. Social media can bring the best of people, but also can point out the worst in some people too. 

That’s why I’d like to give a nobel prize for anyone who came up with “BLOCK BUTTON”. ✊✊✊✊ 

Anyhoooo.. I should really thank that guy/girl who had written a harsh comment on my picture with Ernest. You have made me believe that I can be better and stronger. 💪😎👊 And I’m pretty sure that you have a pretty miserable life!!! Because your comment made you looked like a sad and lonely person! BURNNNN!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#MamakKZL 😜 

So, I’m trying not to hate the camera so much, because it’s only a tool. The camera doesn’t define YOU. The people on the internet don’t define YOU. Only YOU can define yourself, meaning only YOU is responsible for your HAPPINESS. The end. 💜  


Tahun lalu.

Tahun lalu mungkin adalah tahun ter-naik-turun yang pernah terjadi dalam hidup saya. Tahun yang mengajarkan bahwa saya hanya bisa berharap, tapi Dia-lah yang bisa mengatur semuanya. Tahun dimana saya berada dalam posisi terburuk, tapi saya jadi tahu bahwa ada orang-orang yang bisa membantu saya tidak terpuruk. Tahun lalu adalah gambaran kalau hidup bisa jadi indah, tapi bisa juga menorehkan luka yang terlalu dalam, sampai tidak tahu kapan sembuhnya. Tahun lalu mengajarkan bahwa saya masih harus banyak belajar dan berdoa, mengandalkan Dia dan bukan manusia. Mungkin Dia ingin saya menjadi manusia baru, yang lebih berani dan bisa menghadapi segala yang terjadi. Tapi, kalau saya boleh memilih, cukup sekali saja yang terjadi seperti tahun lalu. Saya hanya ingin menjalani tahun ini dengan tenang.

Kira-kira apakah Dia akan mengijinkan?